Love not Landfill

Hey! I'm George and I'm 7. I started Wave Munchers because I love surfing and want to look after  the beautiful beaches around the Sunshine Coast. I find old T-shirts in Op shops and upcycle them. It's good for the environment to re-use clothes because it means less goes in landfill. If would like to order one of my T-shirts please call my Mum on

0434 585707 or go to


All George's T-shirts are sourced from local Op shops or are donated by the people of the Sunshine Coast. George tries to find high quality materials that are in a good pre-loved condition.

George would like to donate some of the money he makes back to local charites here on the coast and hopes to start doing shirts. Please send us an email if you have a shirt to donate.

Fashion is becoming increasingly disposable for Australians, with almost a quarter of people admitting to throwing out clothes after just one wear, four out of 10 people surveyed by YouGov said they had put unwanted fashion items in the bin, rather than trying to repair or recycle them.

George wants to stop this by using only second hand materials in the hope that making one little change will help the environment.


A message from George

Hi everyone, my T-shirts are coming soon. I will post a video of how to tie dye on here soon.


Happy surfing dudes!


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Wave Munchers

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Upcycling pre-loved shirts since 2019


If you donate an old T-shirt to Wave Munchers we will donate 50 cents to a local environmental group.

Please call us if you would like a specific colour or size and we can make it for you! Because all the shirts are from op shops its hard to have all sizes available but we will try to source more as demand grows.

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